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What is essential, is invisible to the eye…

I design blown glass art vessels, sinks, chandeliers and lighted hanging art pieces. My inspiration comes from the beauty of simple, classic forms, and the fluidity within nature.

Since 1980, I have incorporated my education in the design, marketing and communication industries; ten of those years I owned a graphic design agency. Knowing that my passion and life experiences needed a more free-flowing and creative outlet, I turned to glass for solace. I have been studying at Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle since 1993 and have continued working independently, I served on the Board of Director’s for a two year term, taken classes, and assisted teaching at the school ever since.  In April of 2001, I made the commitment to focus my career solely on glass and continue my artistic growth.

My search for creative vision is shown in my quest to integrate what the environment has to offer. I am especially moved and am influenced by the incredible shapes plants provide. Images of leaves, flowers, roots, wind swept branches, the curl of a tendril from an offshoot of a stem, are inspirations within my designs. And, I am fascinated by both the simplicity and complexity of colors and the intrinsic beauty created when positioned together with light. It is the balance between grace and strength that I strive for in my work.

Glass pushes every emotion for me. Working with glass is like choreographing an intensely focused dance that can’t be stopped midstream, embracing each step with passion, laughter, sweat, a heighten state of awareness and sometimes no control. It is a mental and physical challenge that connects my soul to creativity. The process of creating is a magical, spiritual journey for me. I am always awed and never bored, I love this art form.

Designs of my current pieces have evolved from working in series, taking the technical preciseness and strong influence of traditional Venetian designs and adding my expression of movement, whimsy, color and simplicity. I am enamored with the process of glass and it’s unique formation into a blown form. Layers of glass, color, heat and gravity evolve the round form on the end of a rod into a state of beauty. It gives me a profound feeling of satisfaction and gratification when a bond of understanding and appreciation with perfect strangers forms around my artwork.

My work spans from many sized art vessels, vases and bowls to custom designed sinks and chandeliers. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact me at:
Suzanne (at) GuttmanGlass.com or call: 206.910.5089.

Thank you for your interest in my passion.




Glassblowing I: Elin Christoferson, Alison Chism, (winter, 1993)
Intensive: Glassblowing II (summer, 1993)
Glassblowing II: Lucca Rattazzi (spring, 1993)
Bowls: Kait Rhodes (winter, 1994)
Advanced Glassblowing: Nadege Desgenetez (fall, 1994)
Advanced Workshops: Beth Fishman (winter, 1995)
Lampworking I: Michael Roco (spring 2002)
Work it Hot: Boyd Sugiki (spring 2002)
Venetian Techniques: Master Artist William Gudenrath (summer 2002)

California State University, Chico, Chico, California
BA Visual Communications and Marketing, 1981
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, Certific
ate  in Computer Graphics, 1992
Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle Washington, continuing education

Teaching Experience and Public Service

Assistant: class - teacher
Color Workshop (fall, 2000): Pratt Fine Arts Center
Glassblowing I (winter, 2002, Spring 2002): Pratt Fine Arts Center
Glassblowing II (summer, 2002): Pratt Fine Arts Center

Pratt Board of Directors; 1994-1996

Solo Exhibitions and Shows

Methodologie Design Studio, Seattle, WA; Gallery Unpublished, “Vessels” 1998
Methodologie Design Studio, Seattle, WA; Gallery Unpublished, “Accouterments” 2001
Gottlieb Gallery, Portland, OR; “Duality”, 2002
Gallery Fraga, Bainbridge Island, WA, 2002
Yoshida Fine Art Gallery, Portland, OR: “Lush”, 2003

Made In Washington Stores, Seattle, WA; Emerging Artist Show, Featured Artist, 2002
7th Annual Greenwood ArtWalk, Seattle, WA; Juried Artist Show, 2002
Kreiss Collection Customer Appreciation Event, Bellevue WA; Featured Artist, 2002
California Works Art Competition, California State Fair; Juried Artist Show, Award of Merit 2002
Buyer’s Market of American Craft; Award of Merit 2003 


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